The term marketing in itself says about advertising. Advertising using digital tools is nothing but digital marketing. Internet is the main factor in digital marketing, as we are delivering our ads through the digital channel like mobile apps, SEO, email, social media, TV and much more. So in short advertising, the product through digital media is digital marketing.

Here below are the types of marketing given.

Types of marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing

Hence the name is social media marketing, we are promoting through social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. You can engage with your client by creating your business pages on these social sites.

  • Email Marketing

Advertising through emails to professionals is email marketing. It is the technique to promote your product or service by sending emails to client.  

  • Mobile Apps

Sending videos, content or links on the customers mobile apps is mobile app marketing.    

  • SEO

SEO, means search engine optimization, is the process of increasing customer’s website searches and make it on the top of website search engine.  

  • Content Marketing

You can write content of the product or service, & promote it on different channels. 

For our business growth we must have to learn the digital marketing. So to learn it from home we have so many options like books of digital marketing, online courses are available that are free and paid too. Also you can follow the different campaigns of marketing.

While learning the digital marketing you should remember some points:

  • Keep learning new things as this industry changes rapidly.
  • Always follow the experts in this field.
  • As this is the digital marketing industry, there is a need of your presence everywhere.