Ever wonder how you can check for the cached date for your web page? After the Mobile First Indexing process, most of the users notice the 404 error i.e. page not found an error. You will notice it when you try to check the cached date of a web page.

What is Cache & Cached Date?

Google uses bots to crawl your website’s pages, & it stores a copy with them. It is helpful in many ways, as

1) When your page is not available, cache helps to know what the page is about.

2) When you are not able to find a particular URL or web page of any website, you can check for cache information.

3) It gives the date at which latest copy of the web page is stored with Google. It means it gives recent crawl date for your web page.

Where do you find cached page?

Search for website pages:


How you can find cached date after Mobile First Indexing:

This URL will help you to get cached date,


Also, you can remove the text after colon given in URL, & you can give any of these combinations to find your cached date:

• Anytext.abc
• Anytext.xyz
• URL with a Slash at the end (digimesh.in/about-us/)

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